Model CD-W Centronics To Wang Parallel Interface Converter
Converts Wang / Bull Lineprinters For Use With PC's And Print Servers
    Compatible With The Fastest Parallel Ports Of PC's & Print Servers, Including The Newer IEEE-1284 type ports.
          - Installed On Wang 2,000 Line/Minute impact printers and Bull Non-Imact Printers Up To 90 pages/minute.
                             - A proven design, -used worldwide since 1989.

- Centronics Parallel
- 36 Pin Female Connector
- Use text type data
- Dataproducts Parallel
- DB-37 Style Male Connector (37 Pins):

- No software is required.
- No adjustmets are required on the printer.
- UL/CSA Approved AC Adapter power supply is included.

1. Remove from the shipping box and plug onto the printer.
2. Connect a standard Centronics parallel cable and begin printing.

The Model CD-W is compatible to these performance print servers:
Axis, Lantronix, HP JetDirect, ExtendNet, Intel NetPort, Emulex NetQue, XCd
...and these performance computer systems:
HP9000, DEC Alpha, DataGeneral AViiON, RS/6000, Pentium PC

Note:  PR54 Lineprinter is not compatible to Model CD-W

Price: $875.00 USD
Shipping: UPS Overnight to many international destinations.

                 If you're moving a lineprinter to your new system then you'll want to know about our adaptors.
                     Photologic adapts all sorts of lineprinters equipted with unusual or exotic interfaces.

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