Model LP Lineprinter Emulator For Laser Printers
                         Initializes A Laser Printer To Print 132 Columns By 66 Lines/Page

                                   Eliminates The Need To Send Software Strings From The System
                                                - For Laser Printers 20 to 90 pages/minute.
                                             - Can Be Used To Set CPI, LPI, Font, Duplex, etc.

- Centronics Parallel
- 36 Pin Female Conne- ctor
- Use text type data
- Centronics Parallel
- 36 Pin Male Connector

Shipping: UPS Overnight to many international destinations 

                        If you're moving a lineprinter to your new system then you'll want to know about our adaptors.
                           Photologic adapts all sorts of lineprinters equipted with unusual or exotic interfaces.
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