Centronics Parallel Handshake Fix

Model NX:
Overcomes Many Types Of Centronics Parallel Handshaking Problems When
Connecting Early Model Line Printers To New Servers And PC's.

* Printer Stalling
* Intermittent Garbage Characters
* Missing Characters
* Double Characters
* No Printing At All


Input: Centronics Parallel:
* IEEE-1284 Centronics Compatibilty Mode
* UNIX Centronics Parallel Handshake (eg. IBM RS/6000, DG AViiON, SCO UNIX)
* PC's DOS & Windows LPT Port
* Print Servers IEEE-1284 Ports (eg. HP JetDirect)
Output: Traditional Centronics Parallel
Printers: High Speed Lineprinters : eg. 300 to 2,000 Lines/Minute
Power: Model NX-1 Printer Supplied, Model NX-2 "AC Adapter" Supplied.


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