Model OP25


Includes Rare Ground Isolation Feature
LED indicators
Includes Handshaking Signals DTR, CTS, RTS
Available with DB9 or DB25 connectors

                                                                       MODEL OP25

This device is meant to plug in-line with an existing working cable, without the need for cable modifications.
The 8 Channel capacity minimizes or eliminates any jumper wiring on the users cable to satisfy existing
flow control handshaking, or other status lines. This is possible because all eight serial signals at the input
are isolated and recreated at the output, so that any existing jumper wiring in your cable can still see the
original interface signals.

Ground Isolation Feature
Unlike most other optical isolators, this device also isolates the ground circuit between equipment. This feature
therefore gives you total and full isolation between equipment. No metallic path exists anywhere in your serial
application for currents to travel between equipment.
Please see: Simplified schematic drawing. (120K bytes) showing that ground is isolated.

Note: Most other adapters only eliminate ground loops with opto coupling, but they continue to use a common
ground which cannot prevent damage or interference from other electrical problems. Contrary to popular
understanding, most other adapters do not isolate the ground circuit, and it is a path for other potential problems
between equipment. Photologic Model OP is one of the few adapters available that isolates the ground between
equipment, as well as the signals.
Example RS232 DB25 Ground Pin 7 on input side of Model OP does not connect to Pin 7 on the output side.

Optical  Element:
Fairchild HCPL-2630

For printers, CNC machinery, instruments, industrial controls, terminals or ethernet servers.

Installing  Model OP: 

Also available with DB9 connector.

If you are not experienced at working with RS232 connections, then this adapter
gives you the best success in installation without hassle. Almost all installations will just
require this device to be plugged in, without any cable modifications.

For PC' s that use DB9 Serial Port Connector Choose :
Model OP9
All 9 Pins Isolated, Including Ground
Plugs In-Line With Existing Cables
Does Not Rely On Inconsistent Port Power Schemes
Works With New Low Power EIA-562 Serial Ports On PC's And Laptops

Use Model OP9 for instant, and total isolation of your PC to external equipment. All pins are isolated including
ground pin. Unlike two channel adapters, Model OP does not require any rewiring of your present cable to
compensate for missing channels. Model OP9 uses all 8 PC serial signals to recreate the full PC interface
with optical isolation at its output. So Model OP9 does not upset the original PC serial configuration.
Ground isolation is performed by using two separate wallmount power supplies (included).
Please see: Simplified schematic drawing. (105K bytes)

Visual Assurance Optical Isolator for DB9 Connections

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