Flash Memory Keyboard for Photoshop CS

The Martian Keyboard:
A large array of keys can be programmed to hundreds of Photoshop shortcuts
Compatible with Windows or MACs, (use Windows to load the keys). Works beside your normal keyboard.
For Laptops & Desktops. Use in all versions of Photoshop.
Program/Access over 500 shortcuts on the keyboard using Layer Key function. Program up to 16 shortcuts per key.
Uses Flash Memory. No operating software is required on the computer. Just plug in. No software drivers are required in operation.
Use in Lightroom, Premier, Aperture, and other apps that have shortcuts. No batteries required.
Label the keys using relegendable keycaps. Use as general purpose hotkey keyboard to enter any text string.
Program a modification (add/change key) in a 2 minute period. Numeric keys can also be programmed with shortcuts or text.

The Martian Keyboard is shipped blank, all ready to be programmed uniquely by the user.

Here is an example design:  You can program any key with a keystroke sequence and label them the way you want:
Large View Use strategy in your choice of labelling, color coding, positioning and grouping the hotkey shortcuts.
You will be able to speed through your editing by having those certain shortcut keys handy and ready to use over and over. Even simple functions such as having "Step Back" and "Step Forward" keys can make a big difference in your work speed.

Example shortcuts out of hundreds available in Photoshop:
Ctrl+M Levels..
Shft+Ctrl+L Auto Levels
Shft+Ctrl+B Auto Color
Ctrl+M Curves...
Ctrl+B Color Balance
Ctrl+G Group Layers
Shft+Ctrl+] Bring to Front
Ctrl E Merge Layers
Shft+Ctrl+X Liquify...
Alt+Ctrl+DShft+F6 Feather...
Ctrl+D Deselect
Alt+Ctrl+Z Step Backward
Alt+Ctrl+OShft+Ctrl+O Browse...
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+I File Info...
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+K Keyboard Shortcuts...
Ctrl+Alt+EShift Flatten Image
Up Key + ] Increase Brush Hardness
Ctrl+J Copy To New Layer
Sharpen Ctrl+Shift+. (custom made)
Brightness Ctrl+Shift+, (custom made)
Saturation Ctrl+U
Hundreds more available, see: Photoshop CS5 Shortcuts .pdf

YouTube video of The Martian Keyboard


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