RS232 Serial Logger System
Uses inexpensive Android tablets and phones to record RS232 text type data.

Need to record text type serial data from machines, measuring instruments, alarm systems or DOS based PCs?

Please consider Model TS Text Streamer with an Android device.



Unlike other serial recorders, this system displays the data while recording. Also
you may explore many emerging opportunities to share the recorded data by
internet access of the file. The Model TS Text Streamer hardware unit inputs
RS232 serial text data from your machine, measuring instrument, alarm system,
or DOS based PC and streams the text data to a Android device where it is
displayed and recorded using the Android app supplied by Photologic Ltd.
 Record on a one time temporary basis, or on a full time permanent basis.
  Seeing the data being received on the Android screen gives you
assurance it is recording.
Tap into a live system and record in the background. Record through walls, containers and obstacles
from another location where it is more friendly.


Once the Android has the log data in its file memory, then the user may use a
resident file explorer on the Android device such as Astro or ES Explorer to
view, edit and manage the file data.
The user may move the file off the Android device by several methods: Attach USB cable between PC and Android device (PC sees disk Drive) Email the file Use a file sharing application where PC can access it using WiFi network.
E.g. Google Internet Search result Use a cloud service to upload the file for shared use.

             Flange mounting,  LED indicators
      Is supplied with either DB9F or DB25F connector.
          Bluetooth name label

Model TS Specifications:
DB9 Female Receives data on Pin 3, can be attached to a
PC COMM Port using a straight through extension cable.
Model TS-25:
DB25 Female Receives data on Pin 3 like a printer. Can be used to
record printer data by replacing printer.
SERIAL BAUD RATES 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200 Baud Dip switch selectable.
BUFFER 4K byte FIFO buffer
BLUETOOTH OUTPUT To Android, Class 2, 100 foot range max.
POWER Wallmount Adapter 9VDC (supplied), Current drawn: Approx 70 ma
INPUT DATA TYPE Plain generic text, printable characters with carriage return, linefeeds.
FLOW CONTROL Hardware style (use if losing data) "CTS" DB9 Pin 8, DB25 Pin4, Low = Stop data flow
Standard pinouts for interfacing to printers, machines and computers.
OTHER SERIAL SIGNALS Optional to use: DB9: Pins 1, 6 = pulled up high DB25: Pin 20 = pulled up high

Android Device Requirements:
BLUETOOTH Class 2 (common on most devices)
OS REVISION Greater than 2.2

Features of Android application software (.apk) provided:
TEXT COLOR Changeable
FONT SIZE Changeable
LOG DATA STORAGE Recorder data is store in Android memory. File Name: ts_log.txt
SETTINGS STORAGE Settings are stored in Android memory. File Name: TS_Settings.txt
BACKSCROLL 50 - 100 lines depending on line length.
Some Android phones make good data recorders as they can be purchased as "prepaid phones" which are inexpensive and do 
not have to be activated as a phone. E.g. Walmart Huawei Ascend Y210 $78.00  (yr. 2014).

Viewing the log data in the Android memory:


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