Android app for Model TA Thermochron to Android Reader

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Android Compatibility
>2.1 OS

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Launch New Mission
Real Time Mode

Erases temperature data log in Thermochron and starts a new mission with new settings.

The four entries: Clock/Calendar, Sample Rate, Rollover, and Name are all loaded into the Thermochron.

A new reading is obtained from the Thermochron every few seconds. The display will remain blank if bluetooth communication is lost.
A sample counter on the End button helps the user verify refresh activity.
This mode does not interfere with a logging mission in progress.

For Tablets:
         The display standardizes on 320 x 480 portrait format:

About External SD Card Memory: The temperature logs are meant to be saved on External SD Card Memory, however this may not be supported on many Android devices. This is because there is not a standard path name to the card for different Android OS versions, and device manufacturers.
In those cases the temperature logs will be saved to the device internal memory. This may be suitable for the user.

1. The temperature log files that are saved have a .txt extension however each temperature line is terminated with an
HTML "new line" code: <br> so that the file may be easily viewed by a web page browser. When viewing as a text file, the <br>
characters will appear at the end of the lines. They can be parsed out in a spreadsheet. If the web page html is
copied and pasted to a text editor, then the list will be converted to plain text.

1. The "REAL TIME" mode does not create any log. A five second watchdog timer will blank the display if
bluetooth communication is lost so that the user is not misled by a stale temperature reading. In normal operation, the display
blinks each time a fresh reading is posted. A counter increments for each new reading to further indicate fresh readings.
During REAL TIME mode, the Thermochron log mission is still operating normally.

3. As there are several hundred models of Android devices, and because there is active growth of new models, there are variants in
features and compatibility that may be unsuitable for some users. This may include the external SD Memory Card feature where the
card path is unpredictable or cannot be supported at all. However in those cases, the temperature logs will be saved to the
Android device internal memory.

4. The screens of this application on different Android devices always display in portrait and without scaling.
Some devices do not render the on-screen button positions as shown in the specification which may cause certain buttons to
be partially hidden and unaccessible. In that case Photologic Ltd. would be happy to receive a report from the user so a corrective
application .apk file could be supplied.