Model TA Reader Specifications

Probe Contact Retaining type clinches onto iButton for handsfree use.
Power 9V DC Power Jack, as well as 9Volt battery operation.
Controls Power switch.
9Volt Battery Life >200 Thermochron downloads.
Current Consumption 65ma average
LED Indicators (3) 1. Poll Android, 2. Bluetooth Online, 3. Power
RJ11 Jack Probe Contact Extension uses modular telephone cable (7 ft standard).
Bluetooth Connection Bluetooth Class 2, With FCC ID, Constant ON until user disconnected.
Range Typical 60 feet
Thermochron Compatibility Maxim Thermochron Part# DS1921-G (must be G version).
Android Compatibility Android OS 2.1 or higher, Bluetooth and SD Card required.
Physical Weight: 130g with Battery, Dimensions: 11cm x 6.5cm x 2.8cm, Enclosure ABS plastic.

TPOD (optional accessory):  

TPOD with 7 foot modular cable. Thermochron is not included.

Extends the Thermochron connection distance away from the reader.
This allows a permanent installation where the Thermochron is constantly attached and the reader is always on.

The TPOD replaces the reader clinching contact as only one Thermochron can be connected at a time. The cabling is a parallel circuit of the clinching contact.

- The cable conductors are pinned 3-3 and 4-4
- This configuration is industry named "Reversed" contrary to the
straight through wiring.
- Other conductors are not used.


- Connection is by common RJ11 modular cable.
- Two conductors out of six positions are used.
- User may apply substitute longer or compatible cabling.
- Maximum cable length is greater than 10 feet.
- 0.125" mounting holes.
- Pullup and pulldown resistor thru holes are provided for
users who wish to increase maximum cable length by
adjusting signal termination.