Helps Solve Serial Interface Handshaking Problems Losing data? Data Overruns? No FlowControl?
The FIFO Serial Buffer is a "First-In, First-Out" memory that acts like a resevoir to help solve 
many kinds of serial communication problems. It acts like the smaller fifo's found in uarts,
radio modems, internet device servers, and analog modems, but this unit has much larger capacity.
       64,000 Bytes  First In, First Out Memory
      DB9 9 Pin Connectors, RS-232 Serial Interface
      LED Status Indicators
       Flange Mounts 

• Bridge serial equipment without flow control handshaking.
• Capture a large block of data without loss.
• Solves RTS/CTS flow control problems.
• Can act as a spooler to offload and park data fast.
• Simplifies system designs.

Capture data that would otherwise be lost due to
flow control timing problems. Greatly expand the
FIFO limits of Device Servers and Radio Modems.
Use FIFO Serial Buffer with:

Device Servers Radio Modems Printers PLC Instruments PC's Modems CNC/DNC Machinery
Typical Radio Modem Application: Send data to remote equipment all at once, without flow control handshaking.
Typical Device Server Application: Receive larger blocks of data from the device server smoothly from
the network without using multiple start/stopping of data using CTS/RTS.


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