Model TG serial logger is the most current and advanced Photologic Ltd. model.  
It has special features that you will help make your recording project a success. No front panel controls - operation is fixed once deployed, preventing mistakes.
2 Gigabyte capacity. - more than sufficient for almost all projects.
Uses inexpensive and popular memory cards. - keeps total cost minimal.
Records all data types: eg. text, photos, binary, printer protocols, all 256 Hex Codes.
Easily taps into RS-232 bi-directional streams. - no pin wiring should ever be required.
Dual Channel records half duplex dialogs. - capture commands and responses.
Time Stamp bursts of data. - simply identifies periodic data transmissions. Automatically recovers after power outages. - no operator should be required. No flow control handshaking is required. Allows passive listening into live systems. No software is used. - user is free to analyze data any suitable way without license.

Capture data in the background going to and from:
Laboratory equipment
Medical devices
Weigh scales
Weather equipment
Electronic Cash Registers
Telephone PBX serial ports
High Resolution NMEA GPS

The T-TAP Advantage:
Record dialog between equipment, - just by plugging in.

       The T-TAP device is available for DB9 or DB25 cable connectors
       Rick Hoffman of Photologic Ltd.
       will be happy to answer your questions.

PHOTOLOGIC LTD. . email TEL: (905) 377-8915
Photologic Ltd. ships daily to
US and international destinations
For RS232 Serial Recording:
Model TG Serial Recorder
- With T-TAP9 Accessory
- With 2 Gigabyte Memory Card
- With Wallmount Power Adapter
- YouTube Video demonstration
$345.00 USD

For RS232 Serial Recording:
Model RX Serial Recorder

- Like Model TG above, except smaller, no timestamp.
- Youtube Video demonstration

$189.00 USD
For Centronics Parallel Print Cable Recording:
Model PDX-R Parallel Recorder
- Keep printing or eliminate printer
- With NUL Printer Module
- With 2 Gigabyte Memory Card
- With Wallmount Power Adapter
- YouTube Video demonstration
$465.00 USD

The memory card contains one file: RECORD.TXT which not only represents text,
but also any data which is 8 bits wide such as graphics,
hex data, emulation codes or photos.