Android device connectivity to Maxim DS1921-G Thermochron iButton
Features: Model TA Thermochron Reader For Android

The Model TA reader and Android software app is the way to go for reading and missioning the Thermochron wirelessly. Consider this
reader device for your field research projects, or in the home or workplace. Inexpensive and ubiquitous Android phones and tablets provide
excellent features to control the logger, collect data, display it, and make the data available to other systems. This reader system makes
it convenient and friendly to use the Thermochron in all kinds of new applications that may be casual, or serious.

Collect, display and save temperature data from the popular Thermochron miniature temperature logger.

Use Model TA Reader as a patrol device or as a constant attachment to a Thermochron.

Each TA Reader has a bluetooth address so that you can access several readers in the same area.

Conveniently pick up temperature history behind walls and secured areas.

Record "On/Off" events of motors, lighting, automobiles, power equipment and even water flow in pipes by logging telltale casing temperature changes.

An inexpensive "prepaid type" Android cell phone can be deployed without being phone activated.

Components of system:
Model TA Reader
Android Software App
Android Device

Miniature temperature logger.
-40 to +85 degrees C
Maxim Part# DS1921-G
Approx. $25.00 USD

Bluetooth interface for Thermochron
clinches onto Thermochron
and communicates with
Android Cell Phone or Tablet
Photolologic Part# Model TA

Android application.
Required for Model TA Reader.
Example filename: logger.apk
Free at Google Play, search:
"Bluetooth Thermochron iButton"
Cell phone or tablet
Android 2.0 or higher.
Suits inexpensive $75 prepaid phones.
Phone feature does not have to be activated.
Android App
Model TA Specifications
Example Applications
 Model TA Reader Demonstration:
Using Model TA Reader with cell phone demo:

Model TA-C for concrete maturity testing.

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