Android Peripheral Sensor Hardware Design

Printer Interface Adapters

Printer Capture Recording Devices

Serial FIFO Buffer

Serial Data Recorder

Serial Memory Bank

8 Channel Optical Isolator For RS232 Serial

UV Detector With Serial Interface

Wireless Thermochron Reader for Android

Martian Keyboard

- Works beside a normal Earthling Keyboard.

             PHOTOLOGIC LTD.

Photologic Ltd. manufactures interface adapters for printers and instrumentation. We have 19 years experience designing and supplying data interfaces for printers as fast as 90 pages/minute.
We are located in Cobourg, Ontario - a three hour drive from Niagara Falls, U.S.A. King St., Cobourg, Ontario Rick Hoffman, Technical Specialist, will be happy to answer any inquiries that you may have.
Photologic Ltd. has customers worldwide, and
we ship daily to the U.S. and international
destinations using UPS Overnight Courier.
PHOTOLOGIC LTD. Federal Building 39 Queen St., Suite 214 Cobourg, Ontario Canada K9A-1M8 TEL: (905) 377-8915 email