Replacing Alarm Printers

Capture print data using hardware data recorders.
Record in the background from a working printer or completely eliminate a printer.

Photologic Ltd. has been supplying  print cable data recorders that will replace an alarm printer.  The reason
that this device is chosen is because a site does not want to be burdened by keeping the older printer equipment.
The recorder basically just plugs in,  and is totally self contained running without a computer. 

Print text data from a printer port cable is written direct to SD memory card.  After a period of logging, which may
be weeks or months, the user opens the memory card file RECORD.TXT with an editor such as MS Word or Notepad,
or even Excel. Information in the captured data can be easily searched using "Find" , edited, or printed. Memory Card satisfies capacity requirements:
You should have no concern about logging capacity with these recorders. The number of saved events can be very high as just 256 MB of storage (Model PDX-R) will capture over a years worth of logs at an alarm rate of 1 log /minute at 300 characters/log .

Keep Printer or Eliminate Printer:
Just plug on the NUL Printer Module (supplied) if you decide to remove the printer from the system. Example of saved file: RECORD.txt on memory card:
The print data to capture should be plain text with no graphics. (eg. legacy equipment plain text drivers, or using "generic text driver"). If Epson type graphics or downloaded fonts are being used in the print stream, then the user may consider applying a Epson to PC screen image converter software to the RECORD.txt file.
      Simple "Plug onto Printer Cable" operation.
      No software 
      No licensing 
      Is independant recording without using a computer.
       Never have to transcribe hardcopy printouts
      Keep or eliminate the hardcopy printer.
       Inexpensive at under $300 for serial connection.
       Has been supplied for 5 years with great success.
      Small footprint compared to a printer.
Some possible DCS systems may include:
    ABB Freelance 2000
Bailey Infi90
Cerbus Fire Control
Fischer Provox
Foxboro I/A
Emerson DeltaV
Honeywell TDC (US and GUS)
Honeywell PKS
Yokogawa (CS-3000, Centum-XL)

Choose either Serial cable connection or Parallel cable connection:
For this connector on printer:
For this connector on printer:

Printer Parallel Interface

Printer Serial Interface

Choose: Model PDX-R:

Parallel Print Data Recorder


Choose Model RX-PTR

Serial Printer Alternative

$465.00 USD Purchase details

$256.00 USD Purchase details

To keep printer but record in the background choose Model RX-KIT25
Consider our print data recorders to replace other RS232 serial printers or parallerl dot matrix and even high speed line printers.
The print cable/printer port on many dot matrix printers is compatible to the Model PDX-R parallel print data recorder and Model RX
serial recorder. The recorders log all the data exactly as is on the print cable. This includes any graphics or special fonts. If the
print data has graphics then the user may archive the RECORD.txt file and be able to print the file to a similar printer at a later date.
The main application for these models of recorder is to record "plain generic text" data, as the RECORD.txt file is easily displayed
using NotePad, Word or Excel.
Some printers that may be replaced could include:
Epson LX
Okidata Microline
IBM Dot Matrix


Alternative method of eliminating a printer:
Print to PC Screen

Attach your parallel print cable directly to a PC.
Use Model CS-ZN

Questions? Rick Hoffman of Photologic Ltd. will be happy to answer your questions

. email TEL: (905) 377-8915


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