Model RX Serial Data Recorder is versatile !

Record in the background from an existing live system: Just tap onto the data line and listen in. Use T-TAP accessory cable included.  
Log output from equipment as a terminator: Collect data from unused serial ports such as weigh scales or scientific instruments  
Replace printers: Choose to eliminate the printer or backup print data while the printer still prints.  
Record half duplex dialog between equipment: Use the Dual Channel feature. Example: TX and RX "Command & Response"  

Unlike a thumbdrive (pendrive) serial logger this unit has 2 channels and it also "auto recovers" after a power failure to resume logging again where it left off.
If your data is on the wrong pin, you can just enable the "2 channel" feature to log on the correct pin (Pin 2 or 3). This saves you from using NUL adapters.


- 2 Gigabyte capacity
- Dual Channel (Half Duplex)
- Records all possible 8 bit codes: ASCII, Binary, Hex
- 10 Baud Rates: 300 to 115.2K
- Instant Cable Tap Accessory
- Compact size
- Uses SD Memory Card, inquire about Thumbdrive Serial Logger
- Low power: 50 ma current
- Records faster than baud rate, so it never goes busy.

Scientific Instruments
Point Of Sale Systems

Security Systems
GPS units
Weigh Scale
Alarm Systems


T-TAP Accessory:
Allows you to tap into all sorts of RS232 com cables and record in the background without interfering with the installed equipment. The recorder can be connected/disconnected or powered up/down, or card removed/installed without an interuption to a live communicating system.
T-TAP taps into DB9 or DB25 connections.
You may also construct your own T-TAP.
The wiring is shown in rx.pdf


for DB9 connector points

for DB25 connector points

About replacing printers:
e.g. alarm system printers.
The user can choose to record while still printing (use T-TAP accessory), or eliminate the printer completely and just record.
Print cable connection: The recorder only requires connection of the data and ground pin. If your print cable needs other steady state RS232 signals, then they are provided to satisfy the connection. Use a combination of gender changers, DB9 to DB25 adapters, or null modem adapter to connect to the recorder.
If your printer uses parallel interface rather than serial, then choose Model PDX-R

Use DB25 Adapter

More about Model RX:       645 kb    rx.pdf

YouTube video 

Model RX  Basic Unit price:  $189.00 USD  Purchase Details

  Alternative product:

Model TD
USB Thumbdrive Serial Logger

  Uses popular Pen Drives / Thumb Drives for high capacity
storage of serial data.
$325.00 USD MODEL TD


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