Model VA9 Visual Assurance Optical Isolator
For DB9 RS232 Serial Connections

                            9 Pins Isolated
- Have problems with your current opto-isolator?

- Need 100% protection, visually confirmed?

- Want immediate plug-in installation?

External optical beams bridge your
equipment together ! This provides extraordinary
high voltage electrical isolation. You have
visual assurance that expensive or critical
equipment is being protected from metalic paths.
This fully featured optical isolator guarantees you success because:

1. Visually Assured Arrangement
Model VA9 is two separate units that have no metal contact between each other. You can visually confirm complete isolation of signals and ground without a doubt. Only an air gap is between the input and output units.

2. Isolates all 9 pins of DB9 Serial Connection
As this device isolates all 9 pins of the DB9 D-Sub Connector, you can simply plug it into exsisting cables without any jumper wiring to support missing signals. All nine pins at the input are recreated at the output.


You will like Model VA because:
Integrates into unusual cable wiring
Supports Full Duplex and Half Duplex
Supports All Handshaking wiring schemes
Provides 100% Electrical Safety
Does not interfere or draw power from PC or peripherals
Dual transformer usage yields superior Ground Isolation
Total electronic and electrical isolation is visually observable
Handy LED indicators TX and RX monitor data flow.
Works with the newer low power EIA-562 serial ports On PC's and Laptops.

Comparison To Conventional Opto-Isolators

Use Model VA Optical Isolator with:
Device Servers Radio Modems Printers PLC Instruments PC's Modems CNC/DNC Machinery
Model  VA with dual power supplies is necessary to  provide
a very high degree of ground isolation. This method outperforms
internal DC to DC couplers found in conventional single power supply isolators.

Simplified Circuit Drawing (190Kb)

Ordering Model VA

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